Sunday, 6 November 2011

Finance Summit, 5th November 2011

Alliance University, School of Business - Center for Industry Interaction in collaboration with the Finance Club organized the Finance Summit on 05th of November, 2011, which saw an intriguing session on the theme- Current Market Scenario. The summit was a enriching experience for all the students and faculty. 
The summit was inaugurated by Dr. Madhukar Angur, Chancellor, Alliance University with the dignitaries lighting the lamp. The Chancellor highlighted the importance of “responsible” financial inclusion in the Indian Economy to optimize the quality of life and the role that the young professionals can play in developing the financial system in future. 
The eminent speakers were all stalwarts in their respective domain. They were Mr. Raman Kumar (Head - ALCO, ING Vysya Bank, Mumbai), Mr. Arun Kumar ( VP- India High Grade Trading at Nomura International, Mumbai and Mr. Samir Shah (VP and Head- FII Sales, M/s Trust Capital Services Indi Pvt. Ltd).
The Mr. Raman Kumar spoke about the Money Markets and its importance in the Banking Sector. Mr. Kumar provided insights into how money gets priced and how interbank lending is processed. It was in this session, the students got to know how to interpret NIM’s of banks and why Indian banks have higher NIM’s than foreign banks. A brief explanation was provided on the flattening of yield curve due to increase in the Repo rate by RBI. The speakers concluded the lecture by sharing his opinion on deregulation of savings account rate in India.

The Mr. Arun Kumar spoke about the Corporate Bonds and Offshore- Onshore Investment in India. He gave an insight into FII investment in corporate bonds and the mechanism these FII follows to invest in India through taking arbitrage opportunities provided by different countries foreign exchange rates. Insight was provided into the variation of yield curve on G-Sec, AAA Bonds (Private Bonds) and OIS (Overnight Interest Swaps). The speaker concluded on how inflation is affecting the GDP growth in the country and how RBI is taking steps to curb inflation.
The Mr. Samir Shah spoke about Foreign Exchange Market and Career Opportunities. Mr. Shah briefed audience about the volume of forex market and then proceeded to the introduction of algorithmic trading and its utility for high frequency traders. He also spoke about growth of electronic trading in forex market and diminishing dependence of the investors on financial institutions.
The summit was concluded with panel discussions between the students and eminent dignitaries. There were discussion on topics like Euro Crisis, Savings Bank rate deregulations and Occupy Wall Street protest and the doom of securitization in the economy in recent times.
The summit was well received and appreciated by all the faculty members. The students were elated to be enriched with an intriguing mind and ready to take a leap in the corporate world.

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