Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Official Pagal Guy thread

It is my pleasure to introduce the Official Admission query thread for Alliance University, Bangalore. The thread is for all queries regarding its flagship MBA program.

According to Alliance University:
The School of Business of Alliance University is dedicated to build a strong future for its graduates through its flagship course. It aims to provide an opportunity for an education that is the most exciting and rewarding professional experience of a graduate’s life. The MBA course is structured with a global perspective. In addition to the experienced resident faculty, the teaching team is embellished by a panel of distinguished international visiting faculty from a consortium of world-class universities as well as practicing senior managers from leading companies.

This thread can also be used to network with fellow applicants who are interested to join this MBA program, along with queries regarding - application deadlines, admission process, important rules and regulations, pedagogy, etc.

Please don't use this thread for profile verification through the Admission team, as such personal queries aren't supposed to be made in this thread.

The people responsible for answering your queries (on behalf of Alliance University) are:

Mrs. Surekha Shetty
Chief Admissions Officer
PG User id - Alliance U

Ms. Madhurima Saha
Admissions Officer
PG User id - Alliance Uni

Ms. Sowmya
Admissions Officer
PG User id - Alliance MBA

Ms Vine Gupta
Student representative
PG User id - Student AU